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Elizabeth Warren talks about the secret, closed door deal for banks to get bailed out again in the future:

“Nobody likes bailouts. But Wall Street  proved again that with enough money and power, they can tilt the playing field in DC a little more in their favor.
I fought my heart out against that provision. So did tens of thousands who signed petitions, called representatives, tweeted or Facebooked to speak out.We lost this time. But here’s what I want you to remember: It is better to fight and lose than not to fight at all. Its better because if you don’t fight, you can’t win. Even when you don’t win, you can change the game.

One senior financial industry ex said the dust up over the funding bill has forced the industry to recalibrate its lobbying priorities for the coming year. Given Warren’s megaphone, he said, getting through the next Congress without new restrictions on large banks would constitute a win.
Without our fight, they would be looking at a much easier path to more bank handouts. That’s why its more important than ever to fight back for working families. Sure, we know our job is going to get tougher in 2015. That’s why we’re here: to fight the big fights. We won’t always win, but darn it, we’re going to try.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. For your support, for your time, for your voice, and for your fight. We are a team. I never forget that.


Senator Michael Bennet of CO
Votes With Republicans on XL

Dear Mr. Bennet,

Below is a copy of a letter written to you by one constituent who helped elect you, and upon whom you will depend in 2016. In it, she expresses her disappointment at the difference in your words prior to the election when you visited our area, and your actions of this month:

So you voted against application of the Clean Water Act to fracking, and now have voted for the Keystone Pipeline.  This may please potential donors when you run for re-election, but your constituents are really angry. Fresh water may run out even before fossil fuels, and we have no substitute for it. Desalinization requires energy to accomplish and then energy to move the water.  Even with gobs of money in campaign donations, you still need voters.We don’t support Republicans in Democratic clothing.


Ellen T. Bauder, PhD
Plant Ecologist

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