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What We Believe

Chaffee County Democrats believe that the way to move towards a progressive, equitable, and just society in the United States is to elect Democrats to public office.

We believe in progressive policy goals


We believe in affordable, comprehensive, and equal healthcare for all. Choices and decisions regarding a woman’s body are best left to the woman.


We expect our government to provide policies that lifts ALL Americans so that everyone can earn a living, protect the economy against reckless business practices and implement tax codes where everyone pays their fair share.


Public Education, preschool through higher education, should be free and public. Education is the key for achieving social mobility.


Democrats acknowledge the urgent threat of climate change. We support investing in clean energy and protecting our ecosystems while promoting a vibrant and sustainable American economy.  We believe in safeguarding the quality of our air, land, and water for current and future generations. We are committed to the protection of and public management of our publicly owned lands.  We believe in the preservation and restoration of forests, wetlands, grasslands, watersheds, oceans, and rivers.


We believe in an affirmative right for all US citizens to be able to vote.  Protect and strengthen voting rights. Campaign finance reform including initiating campaign to repeal Citizens United.  We are for Fair voting districts.  We demand an end to voter suppression tactics. We believe that the right to govern derives from the consent of the governed, not campaign contributions.


We believe in the 2nd Amendment. We also believe there are common-sense steps we can take to reduce gun violence


Fix our immigration system with solutions that are both humane and economically fair.


We should all be treated equally under the law no matter our gender, race, religion or who we love.

Executive Committee

Chair – Vacant
1st Vice Chair – Vacant
2nd Vice Chair – Terri Lukas
Treasurer – Susanna Spaulding
Co-Treasurer – Theresa Cortese
Secretary – Lynne Drogosz

Elected Officials

Keith Baker
Chaffee County Commissioner, Chair, District 1

PT Wood
Chaffee County Commissioner, District 3

Lori Mitchell
Chaffee County Clerk & Recorder

Jeff Graf
Chaffee County Coroner

Precinct Committee

Precinct 1 – Bill Baker
Precinct 2 – Vacant
Precinct 3 – Norma Seneca Cady
Precinct 4 – Sigurd Jaastad and JoAnne Allen
Precinct 5 – Susanna Spaulding
Precinct 6 – Vacant
Precinct 7 – Vacant
Precinct 8 – Barbara Tidd/Marc Chonofsky
Precinct 9 – Sandra Douglas/Tom Golson



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