Chaffee Democrats at the 2018 Chaffee County Fair & Rodeo!

2018 Chaffee County Fair

July is a VERY busy time for us at the local level.  For the first time ever, we will be having a booth at the Chaffee County Fair & Rodeo!  All of our local candidates will be staffing the booth during different shifts with their literature and yard signs.  However, the Fair is a long

Kimberly Parker serving meals at Chaffee County Fair

multi-day event, and we need more help staffing the booth.  We are asking volunteers to commit to a 2- 3 hour shift, and to be available to chat with visitors, distribute literature, and spread the progressive message.  We are prioritizing staffing the booth during prime time hours that coincide with popular events (CPR rodeo, etc).   The shifts are as follows:

Wed. July 25th   5 – 8 pm
Thu. July 26th    5 – 8 pm
Fri. July 27th      5 – 8pm
Sat. July 28th     Noon – 4 pm
Sun. July 29th    1 – 3:30 pm

Please respond to Chair Susan Shepherd at if you can commit to one of these shifts.  It’s easy, fun, and makes you look skinnier, I promise!!!

Susan Shepherd- Chaffee County Treasurer Candidate

Democrats March in 4th of July Parades in Salida and Buena Vista

Chaffee County Democrats, Elected Officials, and Candidates

Chaffee County Democrats, elected officials, and candidates marched in both the Buena Vista and Salida 4th of July parades. The Chaffee County elected Democratic officials in the photo are Keith Baker, Chaffee County Commissioner, District 1, and Lori Mitchell, Chaffee County Clerk, who is running for re-election. The Chaffee County Democratic candidates in the front row of the photo from left to right are:

Susan Shepherd, Candidate for Chaffee County Treasurer

Erin Kelley, Candidate for State Representative, District 60

Kimberly Parker, Candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner, District 3

Stephany Rose Spaulding, Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District, 5

Jeff Graf, Candidate for Chaffee County Coroner

Chaffee Primary Election Results and Dems Meeting on Thursday, June 28th!!!

Greetings Chaffee County Democrats!

We are all so exhilarated following stunning results last night in the Chaffee County primary elections. EVERY SINGLE ONE of our local candidates beat their respective Republican opponents in Chaffee County in total votes returned. State Senator Kerry Donovan handily beat her Republican opponent, Erin Kelley for House District 60 bested her opponent, incumbent Rep. Jim Wilson in Chaffee, 1st time county candidate Kimberly Parker for Commissioner beat her 4th+ generation opponent, Susan Shepherd for Treasurer beat the sitting incumbent, and Jeff Graf for Coroner anchored the team for a very impressive victory over his rival.  Clerk Lori Mitchell, currently unopposed, ran a smooth and efficient election with her entire team and was able to report 100% of her results by 7:15 pm last night. If you see these candidates out and about give them a hearty congratulations!

This is HUGE NEWS for Chaffee County, since there are 1,000 more Republicans here than Democrats.  In Colorado’s first ever open primary, we were so pleased to confirm that YES, indeed, Chaffee Unaffiliated voters overwhelmingly identify as progressive, returning Dem ballots at a rate of 59% to 41% to Rep ballots.  And it also proves that the disastrous policies of our current President and all those who support him are completely out of touch with Colorado voters, even in rural counties.

So what’s next??!!! We’d love to tell you at our monthly meeting TOMORROW June 28 @ 6 pm at 1st Presbyterian Church, 7 Poncha Blvd in Salida.


Dr. Tony Wolusky, CU Regent candidate CD 5
Clerk Lori Mitchell – update on primary election results
Chair Susan Shepherd – strategic plan and budget for November elections, with discussion to follow

We are still adding speakers so if you have something to add, please contact me!

Thank you so very much Chaffee County Democrats for everything you do, every day, to make our home a place where democracy can flourish.  TOGETHER we will turn this county blue, I am more sure of it than ever.


Susan Shepherd, Chair, Chaffee County Democrats
Candidate, Chaffee County Treasurer

Primary Election Day – Tuesday, June 26th

It is Tuesday, June 26th, and Primary Election Day in Colorado. Ballots are out. Do NOT Mail it back. You must return your ballot in person for it to count today. Here is where you can go to find your local polling place:
Polls are open until 7 PM tonight. So each one, reach one. Ask your family members, coworkers and neighbors, “Have you voted today?” If not, in Colorado you can register and vote on the same day onsite at polling locations!

Meet Kimberly Parker, Candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner

You are invited to meet Kimberly Parker and join a conversation about how your County Commission can be working better for you and the future of our community. These are informal events open to all. Kimberly will introduce herself and share her vision for the County followed by a conversation with you about your concerns and hopes. She will begin speaking promptly at the posted time and speak for about 10 minutes. You are welcome to come just for her introduction or stay for as long as you want to participate in the discussion. Learn more about Kimberly at