Chaffee County Commissioner, Chair Keith Baker’s Top Priorities:

As the Chair for the CC Commissioners my priorities are:

  • Improve Chaffee County Government’s sense of purpose and relevance to Chaffee County citizens and residents – delivering superior services in a timely manner.
    Improve Chaffee County Government’s organizational efficiency and effectiveness by implementing our strategic plan, policy governance, and developing training, professional development, and feedback programs for all staff and employees.
    Establishing and documenting an inter-agency planning, programming, and budgeting system (PPBS).
    Maintaining Chaffee County Government’s highest standards of transparency and ethical conduct.


    As an individual commissioner (in addition to supporting those above), my priorities will remain the same as my platform from 2016:

    Building community
    Preserving our heritage
    Preparing for the future

    Details about ongoing (land-use code update, Sustainable Development Plan, broadband projects, multi-modal transportation planning, et al.) and future projects are better addressed by appearances to clubs and service groups, media interviews, and watching my social media pages.

  • If you have any questions or comments about these priorities and how you can help, you contact Keith through Facebook, email, or calling him:
    719 963-4164

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