Kimberly Parker for Commissioner

Kimberly Parker for Chaffee County Commissioner

Kimberly’s Commitment to Action:


1. Managing Growth Actively and Strategically

Affordable housing is first priority. The right mix of affordable housing is important. Chaffee County is making progress, but we still have a long way to go. We need to create a place where everyone can live, from teachers and nurses to those with the lowest incomes and most vulnerable. We need a full spectrum of housing including rentals and homKimberly Parker Chaffee Commissionereownership.

Diverse opportunities to support workers and our economy. A stable resilient economy requires diversity and workforce development. We need to enhance education and professional training opportunities. At the same time it is critical to support existing businesses, innovations and start-ups.

County planning that leads to real results. Envision Chaffee County, the Future 50 project, and the County Comprehensive Plan. We are beginning to think more strategically, but we need to put those plans into action. And we can’t just think locally. We need strong partnerships with state and national leaders for the resources and policies that will enable us to achieve the future we want.

2. Providing Support So People Can Thrive

More affordable childcare. We need better and more affordable childcare options for working families.

Opportunities for youth. Teens need more opportunities and options for safe spaces. We need to work collaboratively across schools, nonprofits, health and human services, youth-oriented businesses, and families to ensure we meet their needs.

Services for seniors. Many senior members or our community are leaving because our County does not have the vital services they need or affordable supportive housing. Our precious senior community members should be able to age in place, not have to move away.

3. Prioritizing Communications and Technology for Business and Government

Broadband and technology for local businesses and residents. Our current technology systems cannot yet optimize the functions of business and government. Better technology, including broadband, can greatly improve connections between local government, business and citizens.

Improvement to emergency services. Our emergency communication services systems have recently been challenged and need to be reconfigured, tested and optimized.

4. Protecting and enhancing our County’s natural assets: lands, recreation and wildlife

A plan for Brown’s Canyon National Monument. To maintain the Browns Canyon National Monument designation, we need the community to come together and agree by the end of 2020 on the draft and final Resource Management Plan prepared by the Bureau of Land Management.

Policies to enhance our natural assets. Current County policies do little to ensure long term protection and health of what we love about Chaffee County. We need to align regional state and federal agencies and the county around policies and funding that protect the Arkansas River, the watershed, agricultural lands, and wildlife habitat.

Manage wildfire risks. We need to collaborate with the U.S. Forest Service on forest treatments to enhance our watershed’s health and reduce wildfire risks. We also need a wildfire protection plan to look at the wildlife urban interface forest areas to reduce danger to households and lives.

Improve and expand recycling. Our recycling program needs to be enhanced and expanded to meet the needs of a growing county.


Kimberly’s candidacy for Chaffee County Commissioner has been endorsed by:

  • Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker
  • Colorado State Senator Kerry Donovan
  • Salida Mayor P.T. Wood 
  • Salida Councilperson Harald Kasper
  • Buena Vista Trustee Libby Fay
  • Conservation Colorado

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