About Us

The purpose of this Party is:

  • to elect Democrats to public office
  • identify issues that affect the health, welfare and happiness of present and future citizens of Chaffee County and develop Democratic positions on these issues
  • enhance an understanding of the political process and of the Democratic party organization; sustain the human and constitutional rights of all persons
  • provide a mechanism for making our political institutions responsive and accountable to the aims and needs of our citizens
  • promote individual freedom in a framework of a just society
  • promote political freedom in the framework of meaningful participation by all citizens.

We encourage your participation! Contact any officer or show up at any meeting.

Breakfast Informal Get-together meets every First Saturday every other month toggles between North Chaffee and South Chaffee.
Executive/Central Committee meets every Third Wednesday. Look on the home page for more information.

Everyone is encouraged to attend any meetings. Check back for detailed postings.

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