Senator Kerry Donovan – Legislative Update

This session so far…

Here’s a link to all the bills I am currently working on: Kerry’s Bills

A Couple of Highlights

SB19-075 Display Original Colorado Constitution – The bill requires the state archivist to develop and implement a plan to provide a permanent public display of the original Colorado Constitution in the state capitol building. This bill passed out of State and Military Affairs yesterday on a 4-1 vote! Here’s an article highlighting the hearing.

Last year’s bill didn’t pass:

HB18-1312-  Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado – Concerning the protection of the open internet by disincentivizing internet service providers from engaging in practices that interfere with the open internet by limiting the provider’s access to available funds if the it is found to be responsible for such practices.

I hope this year’s does:

HB19-078 – Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado – Concerning the protection of the open internet, and, in connection therewith, disqualifying an internet service provider from receiving high cost support mechanism money. This bill will be heard Monday.

Already passed out of Senate:

SB19-016 – Severance Tax Operation Fund – Concerning the methodology to distribute money in the severance tax operational fund after core departmental programs are funded without changing the transfers to the natural resources and energy grant programs. This is an important bill with a boring description. In simple terms, it means we can fund programs knowing how much money we actually have and removes “tier 2” language from being associated with some of the important conservation programs funded by severance tax.

ACTION ITEM: Attend Town Hall!

What’s next…

We have already checked off about 25% of the 2019 session in terms of days but have just scratched the surface of legislative work left to do. Big items like climate changehealth care, and secure savings are still topics I am working hard on to get them ready to be heard by my fellow lawmakers.

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