Ark Valley Voice Article on Kimberly Parker, Chaffee County Commissioner Candidate

The Ark Valley Voice published this article about Chaffee County Commissioner Candidate Kimberly Parker today:


Candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner, Kimberly Parker celebrated her Grandmother Betty
Winter’s 100th birthday this past summer in Montrose.

Kimberly Parker, Democratic candidate for Chaffee County commissioner, looks you straight in the eye, shakes your hand firmly, listens carefully and weighs what she says before she speaks. Observe her and you pick up her work ethic, a clear, articulate intelligence and a grasp of the issues shaping this county.

Her campaign stance is known. She has worked on affordable housing issues for the past two years as chair of the Chaffee County Housing Policy Advisory Committee. She calls herself a strong advocate for human rights and economic opportunity. Her grasp of healthcare issues and how they affect families appears substantial. What is less known about this self-contained professional is what made her who she is today.

“I’ve used my experience to work on issues in Chaffee County, and I look forward to working on other important issues like childcare, housing and senior services,” said Parker.

Parker is a long-time Coloradan whose family goes back many decades in San Miguel and Ouray counties. Her 100-year-old grandmother lives in Montrose.

Her resume includes a degree in information systems from the University of Colorado-Boulder, followed by professional roles as a technical support engineer with Sybase Inc. and owner and lead IT consultant for Synergistics LLC. In 2010 she returned to CU-Boulder, advancing through multiple roles in technology at the university, including research data manager, continuous improvement manager and project manager. During that time she was selected for a two-year, system-wide University Perspective Leadership program.

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