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    PT Wood
    County Commissioner

    Positive Leadership for Chaffee County

    “I believe I can bring positive leadership to Chaffee County on attainable housing, sustainability, good governance, staff empowerment and a whole host of critical County issues.“

    Jeff Graf
    County Coroner

    Serving with Compassion and Experience

    “I have served as Chaffee County Coroner for the past 3 years with 20 years experience in the Coroner’s Offi ce. I have the experience, knowledge and compassion to fi ll this role in our County. Time and time again I have guided Chaffee’s citizens through their time of greatest need.”

    Lori Mitchell
    County Clerk and Recorder

    Serving with Competence and Integrity

    “I’m running for a 3rd term as your County Clerk and Recorder. Elections and voting have never been more important and Chaffee County’s election process has proven to be secure, fair, and accessible. I strive daily to make sure that every interaction with our offi ce is the best it can be.”

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    Equal Treatment for ALL

    We should all be treated equally under the law no matter our gender, race, religion or who we love.


    Fix our immigration system with solutions that are both humane and economically fair.

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