Celebrating the Season

We enjoyed a good turnout for the 2016 Chaffee County Democrats Holiday Party at The Branding Iron in Buena Vista. Newly elected county commissioner Keith Baker spoke about the challenges of serving as commissioner in a historically Republican county and urged Democrats to get involved by serving on the county’s various boards and commissions. Keith reminded us that the more Democrats we have serving, the more effectively he can do his job as county commissioner.

We enjoyed prime rib, chicken or vegetarian pasta, and no one left hungry! Afterward several of us headed over to The Lariat for some funky live music by the band Euforquestra. All-in-all we had lots of fun and will look forward to doing it again next year!

2016 Holiday Party at The Branding Iron

2016 Holiday Party at The Branding Iron


Re-organization Meeting Feb. 4

Please join us at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 4, at the Salida Community Center (F and Third streets) as we elect new officers to lead the Chaffee County Democrats for the next two years. Breakfast will be served.

Given the results of the recent election, Democrats and U.S. democracy face significant challenges as the Tea Party-dominated GOP seeks to undermine and dismantle government at every level. We must come together to stand against this Republican travesty, and that begins with electing a leadership team that will energize and educate our local citizenry. We especially need Central Committee members to attend. This includes committee chairs and precinct chairs from all 15 precincts.

Holiday Party

6-9 p.m. Saturday, December 10 at

The Branding Iron in Buena Vista
710 US Hwy. 24 North on the corner at Crossman (CR 350)

Join us to celebrate the holidays and share good food and good cheer at The Branding Iron. The evening will begin with a social hour at 5:30 (cash bar). Dinner will begin at 6:00.

The menu will feature prime rib, chicken, baked potato, salad and vegetable.

Tickets cost $25.00 at the door.

To reserve a spot, please call or email Jim Osborne (395-6362 or josborne@wildblue.net) or Dick Lee (leef.ix@gmail.com). Please make your reservations by Dec. 8. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Congratulations and Thanks

On behalf of the Chaffee County Democrats, we extend a hearty congratulations to Keith Baker for his election to the Board of Chaffee County Commissioners in District 1. Running for office as a Democrat in Chaffee County is always an uphill battle, and Keith waged an excellent campaign to accomplish that feat. In this case, the best man won! Thank you Keith for running and for your future service to the residents of Chaffee County.

We also extend our gratitude to Bill Dvorak for putting forth the time and energy to run a positive campaign for county commissioner. In spite of Bill’s many qualifications for the job, attacks from the right took a toll, and while we are disappointed in the election results, we greatly appreciate Bill’s efforts and hope to carry his platform forward in future elections.

Finally, we thank all of those who volunteered their time and talents to support our local candidates and promote a Democratic agenda. To the many people who registered people to vote, canvassed neighborhoods, made phone calls, attended fundraisers, gave monetary contributions, wrote letters to the editor and helped in other ways, thank you for your dedication and generosity.

Colorado Democratic Party 2016 Platform

Major Themes that Emerged for 2016

We reaffirm our belief that our democracy should be centered around its people. Whether it was calling for increasing access to the ballot box by implementing a presidential primary, or taking money out of politics, or changing the roles for super delegates, more than 45 resolutions were passed with a demand that we make our democracy fair, accessible to all, and devoid of the influence of unfettered campaign cash. These topics were already included in our 2014 platform, but received intense support from every corner of the state.

We reaffirm our support for universal health care for all of our residents. The party platform has long-held that health care is a human right, and this was strongly reemphasized this year. Over 20 counties submitted resolutions to support Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare), which would establish a universal health care system for the state of Colorado.

We believe education should be guaranteed to all, and not determined by wealth. The costs of education, from preschool to college, have skyrocketed out of control and have gone out of reach for many Coloradans. More than a dozen resolutions were offered to ensure that education, the bedrock of opportunity in the US, remains accessible to all.

Colorado Democratic Party 2016 Platform


Seven inches of snow falling outside could not dampen the enthusiasm of two dozen or so Party leaders who nestled into the modern, rustic elegance of the home of Jackie Rawlings and TJ Hittle. Scheduled speakers, County Clerk Lori Mitchell and political consultant, Shad Murib, also braved the weather.

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